Sell your Home for more with Multi Dynamic's superior Marketing Campaign.

With over 20 years of cumulative experience selling properties in Australia, We know the Property Market in Australia.  Our unique Marketing Campaign, focusing on using the power of the Above the line (ATL) and Below the line (BTL) media marketing including digital marketing to sell your home will be an added advantage to create a healthy competition among potential buyer’s when selling your property in Canberra.

Social Media Marketing
We will give great exoposure to Social Media Marketing to target specific audiences with ads for your home. There are millions of peoples in Australia, who use social media on a day to day basis. We use this data to make sure your property is being shown to the greater audiences.
Australian Property Portals
We focus on targeeting people on most of the websites including All homes, Domain, Real estate websites, Canberra real estate, real estate agencies, real estate Australia and Multi dynamics various websites. Where active buyers spend time researching for property on a daily basis.
Google Display Advertising
The Google Display Network is the largest advertising network available on the Internet today. Consisting of millions of websites, We can choose,,,,, and many other well known websites. We can choose to display your home on a larger network to target range of audiences across the globe.
Print Media Advertising
Print media advertising is a form of advertising that will help targeting passive buyers on the Market. Who is not actively looking to buy a property but if they find something catchy on their eyes they will buy it.

Print Media such as brochures, flyers, magazines and newspapers is really useful to target those prospects.

Video Marketing
Video marketing is really helful to increase audience engagement through activity around a given video. We target those prospect by preparing outstanding property video.

We also use drone and 3D marketing to shocase your home to attract more people.

“The 30 Days Rule” Why It is So Important When Selling Your Home?

In general, Properties that fail to sell within the first 30 days of their marketing campaign risk losing value overtime because most buyers lose interest after this period.

This is usually a result of  bad representation of the price, bad preparation of marketing campaign and unrealistic expectations. Failing to do proper research of the current market, recent comparable sales and current listings in the area is a crucial decision– buyers are usually aware of recent sales and properties currently available. Using market insights, consistent research and market condition plays a vital role when marketing the property. We consistently do our research and aware about the current market condition. We  can provide you with a realistic property appraisal. Many agents that don’t have sound knowledge about current market situation will often over compensate and inflate price recommendations to win the business – The prices should always be based on comparable properties sold and current market conditions.

How Do I Ensure The Highest Price For Your Property?

I understands that selling real estate can be stressful. As a full time, Real estate professional, my role is to help you achieve that goal with as little stress as possible by using a combination of thorough preparation, proven marketing strategies, skillful negotiation, market knowledge and plain hard work, my team and I have delivered record results, satisfying and exceeding vendor expectations time and time again. My team and I work closely with qualified buyers, touching base on a daily basis and keeping them updated with the market.

By doing so, we are able to secure these buyers for your property well before the other agents – if they bother to follow their buyers up. My experience ranges in selling residential properties, house and land packages and apartments ranging from $340,000 to multi-million dollar in Sydney and Canberra. I thrive on the challenge of any market conditions, which suit my ability to think outside the box and cut through when others begin to flounder. Every property, every sale and every vendor is unique.

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When selling a Property you might have two questions on your mind:

An agent may overvalue your property just to get your business or An agent may undervalue your property so it sells fast.

Selling a home is not quite as simple as putting up a ‘for sale’ sign and waiting for the buyers to come to you.If you are selling, We will work with you to get you the fairest price, in the least amount of time, by using art of technology, team work and Multi Dynamic’s superior marketing materials.

Identifying Your Goals

There are many goals when selling a property and It could be challenging to let go the place where you have memories. You might have variety of reasons  when selling like upgrading to serve your growing family needs or downsizing to save time for maintenance, moving away and getting close to your family or your priorities might have changed, you need a cold hard cash or market is just right for you. Whatever your goals may be, we’ll make sure we tailor the sale of your home accordingly.

Save Money & Time

Our market research team is always up to date with the current market situations. Which has been very useful tips for Vendors and Buyers through out our journey in real estate.

As a property owner, you have to look long term. Short-term market factors are important, but what’s more important is the big picture. we will guide you through the process to save your time and money.

Personalized Service

As a passionate real estate professionals, we are able to offer you you highly personalized service. we tailor everything to your individual needs and property.

Comfort and Confidence

We closely look for the solution of your needs by listening to your requirements. Our Friendly Team will help you in making home-related decisions or your difficulties to decide what to do, by providing the easiest solution.

Easily Accesible

Our team is always there for you when you are in need them. The team you can trust for all your real estate queries. We also do home visits in the case of your urgency.


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House and Land Packages

“Your Dream Home is Our Mission”

We have extensive house and Land packages to serve your Buying and Investment Needs

Residential Property Sales

Our in-depth knowledge of the local market, combined with our extensive network of offices around Australia, allows us to match property to the best possible buyer backed up by a research department.

Property Management Services

Trust no one to manage your investment better than Australia’s fastest growing real estate. We offer you best approach when looking after your investment property. Our managers know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to attracting tenants with an excellent track record and maintaining positive working relationships with your tenants.

Property Investment Consulting

We offer the most valuable service to our clients to guide them along their property investment journey. We understand the challenges that are faced when purchasing property, whether it is for investment or to live in.

Regular Updates

There’s nothing worse than leaving the sale of your largest asset to a stranger only to be left out of the loop. We’ll give you regular updates after open homes and let you know how negotiations progress when we’ve lined up interested buyers for your property.

After-Hours Service

Many of our clients lead busy lives, and like most people have commitments throughout the day which can’t be avoided. That’s why we promise a true after-hours service for our clients, and unlike many of the larger franchise-based agencies we don’t switch off our phones at 5PM. We’re also happy to meet over the weekend, if that’s what suits you best.


  • Auction

    Ideal for when properties are in hot demand or when a property will be sought after because of desirability and its unique qualities. Demand being the keyword. Auction is only an advantage when there are many buyers who will compete for a property.

    One major disadvantage is that auctions can attract bargain hunters. These buyers hunt for sellers looking for a quick sale and use lack of bids as a way to drive down the price. Auctions are also very public, so if you don’t reach your reserve price this is going to lower the perceived value of your home to any interested purchasers who chose not to bid at auction.

  • Private Treaty

    Private Treaty is about negotiating with buyers on a one-on-one basis. Attracting offers and allowing the seller to negotiate with the best (or even only interested buyer), in a more private and confidential manner.

    This keeps other interest a mystery to interested buyers and is ideal for properties that would have a niche appeal to a particular demographic or when only a handful of buyer’s show interest.

  • Price Range

    Price Range is a variation of a Private Treaty sale. By indicating an attractive price point but also suggesting a higher end of the range you attract more interest whilst keeping your options open. This often leads to a strong negotiation point whilst getting your foot in the door with people who like to start their offers at the lower end of the scale.

    Another advantage of Price Range sales is that if you are looking to sell quickly, you won’t be turning away buyer’s at the lower end of the spectrum. This gives you plenty of options if high value offers don’t eventuate.

  • Price Plus

    Similar to Price Range, however you don’t set a cap on the upper end. This allows even more scope for negotiations especially if there are many people interested in the property. Think of it a bit like a secret auction running over a greater period of time.

  • Set Price

    Set Price is where you offer a property at a price that will attract offers for the full price you are expecting. Occasionally offers above are made to eliminate competition, depending upon demand however the opposite is also possible with purchaser’s offering less than the indicated price.


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